Do not take Urban Meyer's parking spot or he will make you pay (Photo)

Do not take Urban Meyer's parking spot or he will make you pay (Photo)

Urban Meyer takes his parking spot very seriously.

Very, very seriously.

That’s why when someone in a Jeep Grand Cherokee decided it was a good idea to park in Meyer’s spot, Meyer felt the need to make an example of that person.

Sure, Meyer could have been the bigger man and parked one spot over or in any of the other vacant spots in the lot, but then the perpetrator would never have learned his lesson.

To be fair, there doesn’t appear to be any signage stating that that spot is specifically for Meyer. Still, everyone on campus probably knows that's where he parks.

We can only hope the Mercedes blocking the Jeep is one of Meyer’s many vehicles and that he just plans to leave that one there for awhile. After all, his wife could bring him another vehicle to drive for the rest of the day, week, month, whenever.

Gotta send a message.

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