Celebrate Alabama’s national title with a commemorative ‘merman’

Dr. Saturday

A lot of merchandise has surfaced celebrating Alabama's national championship win over LSU, T-Shirts, hats, commemorative glass footballs, but the one thing that's been missing from the memorabilia case is a specialty item, say an Alabama merman ornament.

But where would you find such an amazing tribute to the Tide? Don't worry, we found it for you.

That's right, your very own Alabama merman ornament can adorn your Christmas tree for just $25.99. Just look at this beauty, it's hand painted with red glitter making it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I see a lot of LSU fans sending this special item to that certain Alabama fan in their lives.

Don't be put off. Mermen happen to be very popular these days. I mean, would Kenny Powers of the Myrtle Beach Mermen play for a team that wasn't <expletive> cool?

Of course, this is not officially licensed merchandise but the ad says, "Red & White Football Jersey can Celebrate the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Season!!!" So who are we to stop another item celebrating Alabama's national title from finding the light of day?

The site claims there's only one left in stock, so don't delay. Get yours now.

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Thanks to Kegs 'N Eggs.

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