Auburn QB Nick Marshall had to switch hands before throwing game-tying TD (Video)

While the bulk of the Iron Bowl attention will be on the touchdown that gave Auburn the unbelievable 34-28 win, its game-tying touchdown was equally as impressive.

With 59 seconds remaining and Auburn on the Alabama 39-yard-line, quarterback Nick Marshall faked the run to the outside, drew the secondary in and then lobbed the ball over the defense to Sammie Coates for the score.

And while the play itself is impressive, it’s what Marshall did with the ball that’s deserves praise. While he was running, he had the ball in his left, non-throwing hand and quickly switched it to the right to make the pass before he was hit. He didn’t have time to grab the laces or even have a proper grip. He saw his man open and did what he could to get the ball out as quickly as he could.

Without Marshall’s quick thinking, we’re not even talking about the 100-yard field goal return.

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Graham Watson

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