A potential comedy goldmine: Bob Knight's having a charity roast

At a time when it costs $72 to get into Disneyland, $100 for general admission seats to a Jay-Z concert and $1,000 for tickets to the Super Bowl, here's one event that is worth shelling out a few extra dollars to see in person.

Bob Knight, the fiery former Indiana coach turned curmudgeonly broadcaster, will be in the hot seat on Sept. 18 when Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind., hosts the Coach Bob Knight All-Star Celebrity Roast/Toast.

Florida International coach Isiah Thomas and New Mexico coach Steve Alford are two of the former Indiana players who get a chance at payback for all the profanity-laden tantrums they once endured from Knight. Former coaching rivals Digger Phelps (Notre Dame), Jud Heathcote (Michigan State) and Johnny Orr (Michigan) will also have a chance to deliver their best shots.

Maybe the two roasters with the most pressure from their colleagues to land some stinging verbal jabs on Knight are Bloomington sportswriter Bob Hammel and former Big Ten official Dan Crisman. Who took more abuse from Knight throughout his coaching career than reporters and referees?

Tickets for the chance to see Knight fidget in his seat — or perhaps hurl it across the room — will cost between $50-$500. The proceeds will go to Thomas' former high school in Chicago.

Let's hope someone mentions Knight's tendency for pheasant-hunting tangents when he's supposed to be broadcasting Big 12 basketball. Let's hope there's a reference to this Guitar Hero commercial featuring Knight dancing in his boxer shorts. And let's hope someone puts the entire roast on YouTube for those of us who can't make it to Indiana to see it in person.

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