The five best Omar Samhan NCAA tournament quotes

This was supposed to be the tournament of John Wall and Evan Turner and Jon Scheyer. And it still may be. For now, though, they're all living in Omar Samhan's world.

The senior St. Mary's center has become the media darling of the 2010 NCAA tournament with his stellar post play, outsized bravado and quotes that would make Chad Ochocinco jealous. Since we may only have another 36 or so hours with Samhan, The Dagger thought we'd dig through his best lines of the week and select the five best:

5. "We're so old school, our point guard is named Mickey." -- Speaking on the throwback style of St. Mary's.

4. "That and a bunch of bad-tasting food -- Vegemite." -- After being asked whether the Australian players on St. Mary's brought a new vibe to the team.

3. Bed time. I'm trying to win a sweet 16 game and still have to be up till 2am finishing a paper for class! Gotta love the mid majors -- On his Twitter page early Tuesday morning.

2. "That's not saying much, but thank you." -- After a reporter said he was the best center in San Francisco (which would include the NBA's woeful Golden State Warriors).

1. "I think the paint's sexy." -- On playing center.

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