Source of discord between Russell Wilson and teammates is jealousy

Per Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, there is a sentiment in the Seahawks' locker room that Russell Wilson isn't "black enough." While most of this dust is being kicked up in the wake of Percy Harvin's departure from Seattle and could easily settle if the Seahawks get back to their winning ways, Freeman joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the widespread reports of discord in Seattle and more specifically, the players' feelings toward Wilson.

"It's complicated but it's wrapped up into basically they see him as kind of a teacher's pet," said Freeman. "They think he's too corporate."

While Wilson does project a wholesome image and - as the franchise quarterback of a perennial Super Bowl contender - is undoubtedly close to Seattle's front office, his behavior is no different from other similarly valued players around the league.

"Andrew Luck does the exact same thing Russell Wilson does," said Freeman. "But Russell Wilson's held to a different standard."

Freeman made clear that this sentiment has by no means permeated the entire locker room, but as for the handful of players who share a distaste for Wilson's image, jealousy seems to be the common thread.

"I think that's a lot of it," said Freeman. "It' s jealousy. I don't think there's any question about that. The thing about Russell Wilson is he's doing all this stuff. He's winning Super Bowls. He's doing great things, and he's being underpaid and you don't hear him complain about it. He doesn't say a word about it. All he does is present a very professional air."

When asked if players would prefer Wilson acted like Vince Young, Freeman brought it back to Wilson's seemingly close connection to the Seahawks' brass.

"From talking to some of these guys, they think he's just too close to management. They want him to be more like them."