Chris Andersen somehow makes huge neck tattoo more amazing

"Hey, man, I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you make my already-remarkably-loud-statement of a ‘FREE BIRD' neck tattoo, which you've previously filled in with some pretty dope lemon-lime flavors, look much more like something that Hunter S. Thompson would imagine while in the throes of an illicit-substance-fueled fever dream? The general tone of what I'm looking for is: This is what happens when rainbows burst into flames and melt into a shifting amorphous blob of nightmare/fantasy paste that is alternately terrifying and rapturous, yet at all times an unchained and irrepressible force of nature, just like me. Can you do that?" -- Chris Andersen(notes), to his tattoo artist, probably.

"Yup." -- Chris Andersen's tattoo artist, to Chris Andersen, probably.


Never, ever change, Birdman.

(HT: TBJ.)

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