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Chris Andersen(notes) has already had a pretty busy summer and it's barely July. As you probably remember, he got an enormous neck tattoo that must have taken at least a few hours in the artist's chair. Now that he's had what is probably the last remaining spot on the front of his body tatted up, he can focus on more important things. Super necessary things like judging model competitions with a bunch of MMA guys, like he did this past weekend. Oh, and also debuting yet another tattoo in a place that usually doesn't have tattoos — inside his fingers and on every knuckle.

Yep, that's a mustache finger tattoo, which is basically the best tattoo you can get. It's essentially facial hair insurance, just in case you forget to grow a mustache and are in danger of being ostracized from the local VFW. I particularly like that the tattoo stretches on to two fingers, ensuring that the 'stache is adequately burly. Good planning.

Plus, Birdman got his "Free Bird" neck piece filled in with a gradient straight off a Squirt bottle. Like I said, he's been busy.

Now that his whole neck and hands are covered in ink, all he's got left to cover is his face. He's got a solid three months to waste before next season, so don't be surprised if that's taken care of pretty soon.

Photos via Combat Lifestyle

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Ball Don't Lie

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