Make way for the old dudes racing Saturday at Bristol

David Pearson may not have made the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, but that might just be because he's still racing.

Pearson (pictured above left, with Leonard Wood and some guy named "Carl Edwards") will run at Bristol this Saturday following the Nationwide race in a 35-lap quickie. He'll compete against fellow legends Cale Yarborough, Harry Gant and others in late models painted up like their classic rides.

Put aside the whole "old guys driving" jokes; this is going to be a lot of fun to watch. You know these guys know how to wheel, and at Bristol, you also know they'll be banging doors along the way. Plus, if we're lucky, somebody'll rile up somebody else, and we'll get to see old guys fistfighting. The race is at 5:30 on Saturday, and it'll be broadcast on ESPN.

Me, I can't wait for the Legends race of 2040, when a geriatric Carl Edwards tries to turn a crotchety Brad Keselowski. Mark Martin won't be running, as he'll still be racing the next day in the Skynet Cup Series.

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