Would you pay $3K for cocktails with Carl Edwards?

These are tough economic times, friends, and tracks are doing what they can to make money. Like the fine folks out at Auto Club Speedway of California who are offering a series of auctions that allow you to spend quality time with some of your favorite drivers ... as long as you've got some serious coin.

First up, there's Carl Edwards. Carl is available for "cocktails and conversation" at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa on Friday, Oct. 8. You've got two hours, but there's no spa time built into that. Oh, and you won't be alone for this one. Even so, each two-person package is valued at $3,000. (For that price, I sincerely hope that it's an open bar, not cash.)

Not crazy about Carl? Worried he'll send your drink spinning into a wall? Then scrape a few pennies together and bid on a meet-and-greet with Jeff Gordon on Thursday, Oct. 7! Now, it's not quite as luxurious a location – you'll be in an Auto Club Speedway skybox suite -- and you'll be one of 30 people, but hey, it's a little cheaper: a $2,000 value for every two-person package!

OK, suppose you don't want to deal with your fellow NASCAR fans. You want some one-on-one time alone with a legend! All righty then, you and your special someone come up with $1,400 (estimated) in cash and you can get dinner with Junior Johnson at Fleming's Steakhouse on Tuesday, Oct. 5. (And if you're cheap, go to Fleming's that night and ask to be seated with the Johnson party.) Sweet! See if you can get Junior to bring along some of his "special" steak sauce.

Bidding for all these fine lots is now underway, and you can jump in at RaceFest Online Auctions. Bid away! And if you happen to win, let us know. We've got a few questions we'd like you to ask ...

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