Matt Kenseth visits Yahoo! Sports Radio, offers free tattoos

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles
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Hey, did you know that we've got our own radio station here at Yahoo! Sports? Yeah, well, we do, and this week we had Matt Kenseth on to chat about various matters, like the Chase and whether or not he's actually boring. Check it out above.

In related news, Kenseth is part of a promotion with Jeremiah Weed in which actual race fans will get actual free tattoos at actual Talladega this weekend. In return, Jeremiah Weed will donate $100 to the Air Force Enlisted Village, a charity devoted to helping indigent surviving spouses of retired Air Force personnel. For more info, check the Weed's Facebook page.

The tattoos you can pick from include a Jeremiah Weed logo and Kenseth's signature. So there you have it, Kensethians: you talk real tough when you're calling us out for not giving your guy enough love, but are you willing to get his autograph on your body for eternity! Get it on, and send us a picture if you do!

Side note: Thumbs up to whoever writes Jeremiah Weed's press releases for slipping lines like "Remember, even tattooed badasses should always drink responsibly" into the mix.

We'd also recommend you ditch whatever second-rate sports radio you listen to now and immediately and permanently switch over to Yahoo! Sports Radio. Your favorite Y! Sports personalities and the biggest athletes are all over the joint; check out our own Jay Hart from earlier this week talking about the life of Dan Wheldon and upcoming Chase events.

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