Hunger Games, NASCAR style: Whom do the odds favor?

So you've probably heard about a little flick opening Friday entitled "The Hunger Games." For those of you not familiar, it's based on a popular young-adult book where a bunch of kids murder each other. It's wonderful, wholesome entertainment!

Anyway, the basic plotline is this: it's the future, and 24 teenagers get dumped into a wasteland and have to kill to survive. The winner gets a whole bunch of food and other swag for his or her home district (hence, the "hunger" part of these games).

So we figured, what would happen if we played a little NASCAR Hunger Games? Say we dump 24 drivers in a forbidding wasteland, like Turn 3 in the Daytona infield, and see who survives the longest. Let's run down a few of our choices:

Tony Stewart: Any time the word "hunger" is mentioned, Stewart's name is at the top of the list. We know he could take out pretty much anybody else, but could he survive in the wilderness?

Carl Edwards: Probably the odds-on favorite, and for that reason, Mr. SWAT-team building-jumper would be the very first target.

Danica Patrick: A favorite of the announcers, and she'd probably be gone before the end of the opening credits.

Jimmie Johnson: How would he fare on his own without Chad Knaus to guide him through the wilderness?

Kevin Harvick: A dark horse, you could absolutely see him laying in wait until the field is thinned, then pouncing for the victory.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: If he wins this one, every other loss becomes moot.

Joey Logano and Trevor Bayne: Bringing in the 'tween vote, but keep the kids away from their inevitable and early demise.

Kasey Kahne: Somehow he'd manage to shoot himself with his own bow and arrow.

Kurt Busch: You'd hear him from a mile away yelling at the skies to provide him with more ammo.

All right, so here are your contestants. We'll do three rounds of this: winnowing the field to 12 for Saturday and a final four for Sunday. Make your case for the winner in the comments below.

1.Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2.Danica Patrick
3.Kyle Busch
4.Jimmie Johnson
5.Carl Edwards
6.Jeff Gordon
7.Tony Stewart
8.Kevin Harvick
9.Matt Kenseth
10.Clint Bowyer
11.Denny Hamlin
12.Kasey Kahne
13.Greg Biffle
14.Jeff Burton
15.Joey Logano
16.Ryan Newman
17.Martin Truex Jr.
18.Brad Keselowski
19.Kurt Busch
20.Juan Pablo Montoya
21.Bobby Labonte
22.Mark Martin
23.Trevor Bayne
24.Jamie McMurray

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