Guess who's back, back again... The Pothole's back, tell a friend

During track drying after a thunderstorm prevented Sunday's Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 at Pocono from going green on time, one of the track's jet dryers tore one of the seams on the frontstretch just in front of turn one.

And of course, that created a pothole.

Track officials did a quick job of fixing this pothole, perhaps taking a lesson or two from the way that Daytona handled the pothole during February's Daytona 500, and got an epoxy down into the hole within a matter of minutes.

But apparently NASCAR didn't want to wait for the epoxy to dry fully because the race was already 90 minutes behind schedule, so the race went green with orange cones surrounding the pothole.

Seriously. If you look closely in the picture, the cones are visible on the top right.


No word if Lance McGrew, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief who suggested that track officials at Daytona just put a cone in the middle of the pothole and make drivers race around, made this decision, but it looks like NASCAR certainly took his advice.

It remains to be seen if a driver will be penalized for running over one of the pothole cones.

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