For your consideration, a brief compendium of Talladega Big Ones

We return to Talladega this weekend, and that means automotive carnage -- or, in racing parlance, "Big Ones." (Though "Talladega Big Ones" sounds like a very good title for a certain kind of movie.) We all say we're not watching NASCAR for the wrecks, and we all also say we're not the type of people to look at car wrecks when we pass them. Let's just admit it, okay? As long as nobody dies or gets hurt, wrecks are astonishingly cool to look at, rollercoasters-by-proxy. And Talladega has had some great Big Ones. ("Talladega Great Big Ones" would be the sequel.)

Anyway, here we go, starting with last year's Ryan Newman pancake:

More below.

Shortly after Newman's flip came this Big One, which took out Mark Martin and basically handed Jimmie Johnson his fourth Sprint Cup:

Then there's the infamous Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski flip:

Going back to 1987, we have Bobby Allison touring the fence, a wreck that gave us the restrictor plates we have today:

In 1996, Ricky Craven took in a little blue sky:

And we close with one of the best of the bunch, Elliott Sadler's total aerial pinwheel. The judges give it a 10:

I hope there isn't anything Sunday to add to this list, but let's just say I won't be shocked if there is.

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