AJ Allmendinger says he tested positive for Adderall

AJ Allmendinger said Tuesday that his positive drug test after the Kentucky race on June 30 stemmed from taking an Adderall pill two nights before the race.

Allmendinger is currently indefinitely suspended by NASCAR and is going through the sanctioning body's Road to Recovery program. He said that he took the pill because he was tired and needed a pick me up, accepting the pill after a friend told him he used it for an energy supplement for workouts.

Adderall, a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, is commonly prescribed to treat people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

"It wasn't even crazy or anything like that," Allmendinger told the Sporting News. "It was a pretty low-key night. Throughout the season, just with the struggles and the pressure I was putting on myself and not going the way I had hoped, I hadn't been sleeping very well throughout the year.

"I was honestly really tired and had no energy. A friend of his that was out said, 'I have an energy supplement that I take to work out.' I thought nothing of it because I've taken energy supplements before to work out and been tested on them. … I honestly thought nothing of it and that was probably my big mistake and just the poor judgment that I made."

NASCAR said that the test does not specify the specific substance. Allmendinger earlier said he tested positive for amphetamine, but didn't know what the positive test had stemmed from. He said that he was not concerned when he was summoned for the drug test that the pill would cause any issues and that he was able to trace it back to the Adderall pill after the his B sample test on July 24 confirmed the results of the 'A' sample that was taken at Kentucky.