White puts on earmuffs when Jardine-Evans say they won't fight

The main event at UFC 96 will determine what the summer looks like for UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans. A dominant, quick win by Quinton Jackson over Keith Jardine could mean an Evans-Rampage showdown at UFC 100 or maybe even UFC 98. We should find out tonight if Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir are still fighting in May. If that main event hole for 98 is open don't be shocked if Jackson is brought back quickly to face Evans in Las Vegas.

But what if Jardine pulls the upset? White said Thursday, Lyoto Machida would get the first shot at Evans. After that, Jardine might be the logical opponent. Evans and Jardine don't want to fight. They are on the same fight team, Jackson's, and have said repeatedly, no way, no how. White's not closing the door on squaring off teammates:

"Rashad and Keith saying they won't fight each other, la-la-la-la, I don't listen to that. I don't hear that (expletive). They're going to fight each other. This isn't (expletive) baseball, it's not a team. Larry Holmes was Muhammed Ali's sparring partner for years."

Watch White say there are no boundaries when it comes to matchmaking:

He says it's all part of the territory as a pro fighter:

"Many friends in boxing have fought each other. Kids who grew up together, they have dinner together every Sunday. It's not about 'I hate you and I want to kick your ass.' It's about we're two professional athletes and we want to find out who the best in the world is."

White makes a good case for a Jardine upset because of his kicks. If he does pull off the shocker, White said he'd like to see "The Dean of Mean" get one more big win before a title shot.

White also addresses those who think Machida is getting screwed by pushing Rampage in front of "The Dragon", the Rich Franklin-Wanderlei Silva fight and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

He also says the next Primetime reality series will involve Evans and Jackson rather than Mir and Lesnar.