Sonnen goes into full WWE mode, says the Silvas abandoned the Brazilian people

Chael Sonnen is back in full force. His attack on Brazilian mixed martial arts fighters hits a new level with this video shot by Sonnen's latest bit calls out legends like Wanderlei Silva and Anderson Silva for turning their backs on Brazil.

"I'm attempting to pick a fight with fighters from Brazil. Not fighters that care about you Brazil. Fighters that abandoned you," Sonnen said (1:10 mark). "Fighters that claim they're from Brazil like Wanderlei Silva, but he lives in a gated community in Las Vegas. He drives an Aston Martin! Do you guys even know what that is? That's what James Bond drives. It costs two-hundred grand."

Sonnen goes on to say Silva could've been a bit more frugal and sent the money he saved back to Brazil to build schools. He also says Anderson Silva just put $2 million down on an Los Angeles condo.

Playing the role of "Mean" Gene Okerland in this doozy is Fernando Navarro.

Anderson Silva is joined by at least 12 other Brazilian fighters at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro. One has to wonder if Sonnen will really stir the pot by making an appearance at the event. Sonnen's scheduled return to the Octagon comes in October at UFC 136 against Brian Stann.

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