Nevada chief has concerns about EliteXC coming to Silver State

EliteXC will be watched closely around the Nov. 8 event in Reno. After the controversy in Florida, Nevada must lead the way in making sure that the organization is clean. Yahoo! Sports caught up with the Nevada State Athletic Commission's Executive Director Keith Kizer to find what he thought about the way the 'fight fixing' allegations are unfolding.

"If someone says to a boxer, we need the rounds, we need you to carry him, then there could be an issue. It's the same in MMA. You have to ask, is the fighter gonna have an incentive not try his best? Incentive or not, did the fighter use his best efforts?"

Kizer did say there have been cases in boxing where a fighter clearly wasn't trying to win a fight. At that point, the commission determines if it's a lack of passion or if they were financially rewarded to turn in a lackluster performance.

He also talks about the decision making process when allowing a late replacement on fight night. Maybe Kimbo Slice should've been denied the fight facing a higher level fighter like Seth Petruzelli.

The commish addresses the Gina Carano naked weigh-in debacle saying that in some cases with some clothed female fighters the assumption is made that the garments are 1/2 to 1 lb. in weight. In some cases, Nevada has avoided making females weigh-in naked. The bigger issue for Kizer is last minute draining of the body to make weight. The big concern is safety. You'll remember Kizer was "The Doc" on the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter 8 who had to make the call on Jason Guida.

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