Matt Brown wins over TUF 9's Wilks; pushes streak to four wins

Both James Wilks (6-3) and Matt Brown (11-7) predicted that their bout was unlikely to go to decision. As the bout headed into the third round, it seemed unlikely that their predictions would come true. Fights that make it into the third round aren't ended by knockout or submission very often. Leave it to the man with a common man to pull out the uncommon ending, as Brown TKOed Wilks at 2:27 in the third round.

Wilks, the winner of "The Ultimate Fighter" season nine, sustained a mouse under his eye early on in the fight. Brown's defense was impressive in the first round, avoiding Wilks' takedown attempts. The first round was close, but Brown started to take over the fight in the second round. Brown knocked Wilks down with a flying knee but Wilks survived and turned it into an opportunity to try for leg lock. After Brown got out of that, he continued to pressure Brown with strong stand-up work. Going into the final round, Wilks' faced battered and swollen. He looked exhausted, but was able to try a kimura on Brown. Once Brown was out of the sub attempt, he transitioned to a full mount and rained down punches until the fight was stopped.

"I was nervous, and a little jet lagged, but that's what champions are made of," Brown said after the fight. "I still have a lot of things to work on."