Jake Rosholt has a beer-fetching dog. Seriously

No matter if Jake Rosholt wins over Dan Miller or not at Ultimate Fight Night 17, he can be confident in one fact. He has the coolest dog in the history of the world. Watch through the end of this Cribs-esque video to see why you should be jealous of Rosholt.

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Rosholt also proudly shows off his collection of guns and stuffed animals, which includes a bobcat and some deer heads. A bear that he shot in Idaho is at the taxidermist, but will be proudly displayed in the Rosholt household very soon.

Something Rosholt does not show off are his championship rings from Oklahoma State wrestling. Rosholt was part of the incredibly dominant Cowboy teams that won four national championships in a row, from 2003-06. He was a four-time All-American and a three-time national champion in that time. Rosholt has carried those winning ways into MMA, where he is undefeated through five fights. After a win in the WEC, Rosholt will debut in the Octagon this weekend. It's a shame that he won't be able to bring his dog with them.

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