Hockey enforcer ensures that 'St. Louis loves their fighters'

At the Strikeforce press conference in St. Louis on Tuesday, Cam Janssen, an enforcer for the St. Louis Blues, was there to show his support for the fighters who had helped him learn how to fight.

"I’ve been an MMA fan for the past six or seven years. I’ve been training with [Strikeforce fighter] Jesse Finney, and they’ve been teaching me how to throw punches and take punches, and it’s helped me on the ice big time. It’s tough on the ice not having a weight class to go against, because there’s some big boys out there. I’m excited about this. St. Louis loves their fighters. I’ve got a big fanbase here just from that."

Janssen said he was looking forward to the June 6th event at the Scottrade center, and assured the crowd that he won't be alone.

"All my drunk buddies will be out there that night."

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