Gilbert Yvel knocks out Pedro Rizzo in short order

Gilbert Yvel showed why he is still known as such a feared striker, knocking out Pedro Rizzo in 2:10 in the first round at "Ultimate Chaos" with a kick to the temple followed by several right hands. The referee let Yvel throw a punch or two after Rizzo was out, and it took Rizzo a few minutes to get back up. Yvel, who has been disqualified in the past for biting, eye gouging and knocking out the referee looked visibly concerned about his opponent. Rizzo did leave the cage on his own power.

Both Pedro Rizzo and Gilbert Yvel could use a win to get their careers going again. Both fighters are veterans of the sport. Oddly enough, both of their last fights were losses to Josh Barnett in Affliction. Yvel said he plans on fighting in Affliction next.

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