Drama in the Lauzon family hits the Boston Herald

Dan Lauzon is preparing for his fight with Efrain Escudero at UFC 114 just as he has for his other fights, training at his Lauzon MMA, the gym owned by his brother, UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon. One thing will be different about this bout. Joe won't be in Dan's corner. As Dan told the Boston Herald:

“I think I’m going to be pretty much looking for a new gym and new coaches to train with,” he said. “People I can actually count on and rely on and not somebody that’s going to halfway through a camp say, ’Hey sorry, you’re going out there alone, good luck.’ ”

Joe confirmed that he won't be in his brother's corner in a post on his blog. He also gave a lengthy explanation, saying that he and the other coaches had been disappointed in Dan's commitment to training for his previous fights. Before this fight:

We gave Dan an ultimatum ... We were very clear that if he failed to train 10 or 11 times a week, we were not going to corner for him. It’s not fair that we all make time for him in Vegas when he can’t do his job beforehand and train. This all happened maybe 10 or so weeks out from the fights. We were clear and beat the point into the ground so there was no misunderstanding.

According to Joe, Dan didn't meet their demands, so when it came time to schedule flights for his cornermen, Joe and the other coaches turned Dan down.

Dan says that he was not given clear guidelines, and that he thought he was doing what he needed to do. Now, Josh Grispi, Brandon Chase and John Clarke will be in the corner for Dan.

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