Carlos Condit just wants to watch his cooking shows

Maggie Hendricks

Carlos Condit spends most of his time on MMA. From training rabidly for this weekend's interim welterweight championship bout with Nick Diaz to reviewing tape to conducting media interviews and making sponsor appearances, Condit's life is full of MMA.

When he gets home, he wants to shut MMA out, and indulge in some cooking shows. Condit says he is quite the cook. However, Condit told the Orange Country Register that he married an MMA fan and doesn't have control of the remote.

"Sometimes after a long week of training I don't want to watch a Strikeforce card or whatever UFC Fight Night is on. I've been doing it all week and I don't really want to think about it. She's all about watching every single fight card. She gets what she wants and she wants to watch fight cards. I watch a lot of Food Network," Condit said. "I'm a food junkie."

Happy wife, happy life, Carlos. Watching the fights with your wife is a smart move, even if you are missing the latest "Cupcake Wars."

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