Cantwell's remarks cast a cloud over his win

If you watched last night's Ultimate Fight Night, you will not forget the image of Razak Al-Hassan's arm snapping from Steve Cantwell's armbar. It was gruesome enough to shock an arena filled with military, some who have been in combat. The worst part was not the odd angle at which Al-Hassan's arm bent, but the way Cantwell reacted to it.

First, he danced around after the win. Then, when speaking with Joe Rogan, he said that he always wanted to snap an arm like that, and he was happy he did it.

Proponents of MMA, especially in New York, are working to show fighters as more than bloodthirsty cave men and women. Fighters should want to win, and make their opponents submit or knock them out. That's the sport they have chosen, and injury is part of it. However, aiming to injure an opponent takes the art out of mixed martial arts. It also plays right into the hands of Assemblyman Bob Reilly of New York and his ilk who are trying to keep the sport out of their state.

Photo via Combat Lifestyle.

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