Robinson Cano hangs at the Grammys with Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Oh, the perks of having an agent who doubles as the biggest star in rap.

Robinson Cano, the new $240 million Seattle Mariners second baseman, tagged along with agent Jay-Z and his pop queen wife Beyoncé, getting a primo seat at Sunday night's Grammys. The at-home audience caught a glimpse of Cano during the telecast, while he was standing and applauding behind Hov and Bey. But here's an even better pic that a beaming Cano shared on Instagram of him and "La Familia." Sitting next to Beyoncé even. Talk about getting lucky.

If you're wondering, Cano wasn't the only MLB star at the Grammys. Bryce Harper was there too, according to his Twitter account, although he didn't share any pics of himself rubbing elbows with the stars. Not even Pink (they've got kind of the same haircut, you know). Bryce just posted his pass.

Harper is repped by Scott Boras, the famed baseball agent whom Jay-Z swiped Cano from, then dissed in a song on his latest album. When it comes to Grammy access, looks like Jay-Z and Roc Nation win again.

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