Mark McGwire signs fan’s prosthetic leg

David Brown
Big League Stew

On Monday, The Stew posted about John Axford of the Milwaukee Brewers signing the belly of a pregnant fan, and we wondered how unusual of a request it was. Well, how does former major league slugger Mark McGwire signing a fan's prosthetic leg sound?

Notice how receptive, even enthusiastic, McGwire is about signing this fan's leg at a recent Los Angeles Dodgers fan event. He could have been totally weirded out when the dude handed him a leg with a New Balance shoe on the end of it, but no, he's cool. McGwire even appears to marvel at the technology it must have taken to craft such a prosthesis. And perhaps he appreciates the gumption it must have taken for the fan to make such a request of the Dodgers new batting coach. It's not every day a fella gets handed a Sharpie and a leg.

The leg does not appear to be Dodger-themed, like the Cardinals artificial limb in this video from their World Series run in 2011 — when McGwire worked for St. Louis. It makes you wonder if McGwire happened to sign that leg, too.

@Annyu of Instagram was in the right place at the right time and captured the moment perfectly. It's too bad Dodgerpulse didn't award the photo first prize.

(Editor's note: I tried really hard to exclude any puns.)

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