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  • Glenn Hubbard's snake-draped baseball card is now a bobblehead

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew12 hrs ago

    If you're a casual baseball fan, chances are you have a shoebox or two full of baseball cards packed away somewhere in your home.

    If your fandom goes beyond that casual threshold, then there's a good chance that collection graduated from shoeboxes to regulation boxes a long time ago. And those boxes are probably in a room or closet taking up more space than your family or significant other is comfortable with.

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    For those in the latter category, there are some cards that are cherished more than others. Whether it be a favorite player from their childhood or a rookie card of a future superstar, those valuable cards tend to receive special care. Then there are cards we remember for other reasons, such as a mistake, a funny name or because the card features something truly unique.

    That's Glenn Hubbard, a 12-year major leaguer who played his final game in 1989. And that's a real, eight-foot boa constrictor draped around his neck, making it perhaps the strangest baseball card in existence.

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