Statistically speaking: Team held to -21 total yards in loss

Cameron Smith
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At first glance, Dallas (Texas) Skyline High's victory against Dallas (Texas) Samuell High wasn't the biggest blowout of the football season. Sure, the 54-0 final score was a bit of an eyesore, but it hardly registered on the national scale trounce-o-meter.

The Skyline football team
The Skyline football team

Yet, when one looks deeper, Skyline's win might have been as comprehensive as any in the nation this year, all because of one shocking stat: Skyline held Samuell's offense to -21 yards of offense.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly: As documented by the Dallas Morning News, Samuell somehow went backwards an aggregate 21 yards in the course of its football game on Thursday night. Those losses were spread out among five different players, the teams two quarterbacks -- Bobby Whitaker (who finished with -10 yards rushing) and Kamron Jones (who lost 1 yard) -- and three running backs. Keith Hill had the roughest day on the ground for the Spartans, losing a total of 15 yards on three carries.

While Samuell struggled, the Raiders cruised, rushing out to a 20-0 lead by the end of the first quarter and 48-0 by halftime. That's when Skyline reined in its regular offense, holding its output to six points in the second half.

Of course, that restraint couldn't help Samuell, which still couldn't find a way through Skyline's tough defensive front.

The defensive accomplishment is made even more impressive when one considers the fact that Samuell didn't even enter the game winless, either. Unlike most teams that suffer the ignominy of a brutal defeat, the Spartans entered having won an earlier game, knocking off Dallas (Texas) Sunset by a score of 35-14 in the team's final game in September.

Considering the fact that Samuell finished with negative total yardage, it's terrifying to think what Skyline could do against Sunset. We won't have to wait long to find out, either: The Raiders are scheduled to visit Sunset next Thursday.

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