Moses parts ‘Red Sea’ of hoops fans in amazing pregame ritual

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Every high school in America claims to have the best fans. It's practically a requirement. Yet, if Prep Rally had to hand out an honor for most creative prep hoops fan section in the nation, it would likely land in Massachusetts, at Lawrence Central Catholic High, where none other than Moses parts the "Red Sea" before each game.

As you can see above, an unnamed student shows up before each game and strolls right up to the edge of the student section dressed as the biblical figure Moses. He carries a broom, gets the "Red Sea" fan group started (they wave their hands as if they're all waves) and then, with a thunderous slam of the broom, demands that the Red Sea parts.

Incredibly, it does so with phenomenal precision, allowing Moses to gallop up the stands, reach the top and then start another "Let's go Central!" chant in earnest.

As one might expect, the Red Sea takes its basketball fandom very seriously. The group has an official Facebook page called "The Red Sea -- Greatest High School Fan Section in America" and it has 1,330 fans. Interestingly, that Facebook page has only three likes: Central Catholic High School Alumni (big surprise), the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence (classy touch) and "THE KID WHO GAVE THE HERB BROOKS SPEECH AT RED SOX OPENING DAY 2010" (gold star for that one kids).

Is the Red Sea really the greatest high school fan group in America? Prep Rally will leave that up to you to decide. What isn't up for debate is just how far the Red Sea will go for a laugh, or to get itself and its team fired up.

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