The Harlem Shake is taking over high school sports … and it is fantastic

The Harlem Shake is taking over high school sports, just as it speads like viral wildfire across the internet.

As brought to Prep Rally’s attention by both USA Today and PlayOn! Sports, high school fan groups have really taken to the burgeoning viral Harlem Shake trend.

The video you see above portrays the Blue Crew, the fan group at Mt. Sterling (Ky.) Montgomery County High, performing a bona fide, orthodox interpretation of the Harlem Shake just before Montgomery took the floor to face rival Versailles (Ky.) Woodford County High.

Montgomery County went on to cruise past Woodford by a final score of 72-40, so perhaps the Blue Crew’s antics proved just inspirational enough to push the team on to a win.

Meanwhile, what the Blue Crew achieved in authenticity and masked execution, Granite Bay (Cal.) High achieved in sheer mass. The student section from the Northern California school took the court at halftime of a recent game to explode into their own full-fledged Harlem Shake, with multiple sections of the entire stands rushing out and dancing out their white-out-ted selves.

But wait, it isn't just two schools that are pushing quality Harlem Shakes out there. There's also this rather sexual high school basketball version (one can understand why they didn't connect the dots as to which school these chaps play for).

Then there's the entire Perkiomen Valley (Pa.) High senior class celebrating a basketball league title.

There's the Boulder (Co.) High basketball squad ... and their most enterprising fans.

And the North Augusta (Ga.) High cheering section (love the space hopper cameo).

This Norcross (Ga.) High boys hoops version is rock solid. Keep an eye on the coaches before the breakdown.

The entirety of Kansas City (Mo.) Archbishop O'Hara High School was involved in its Harlem Shake video. The whole school. That's wild.

Here's the Fawn Grove (Pa.) Kennard-Dale High girls basketball team getting in on the act.

Not to mention the Wichita Falls (Tex.) High boys soccer squad.

And the Parsippany (N.J.) High boys basketball team.

The San Antonio (Tex.) Antonian Prep girls basketball team played it straight.

While the Lewisville (Tex.) High girls soccer squad incorporated a passed out teammate.

Clearly, this is a trend that should be encouraged. There are few things more entertaining than seeing teens act wild in an entirely controlled setting. Particularly when they get to wear goofy masks.

Consider these entrants the first salvo. Can they be topped? That’s up to you, American high school fan groups.

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