California cheerleader gets flattened before opening kickoff

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Though football is a contact sport, that contact usually occurs away from cheerleaders. With that in mind, there's only one way to respond to the video you see directly below: Ooofff!

The unnamed cheerleader you see in the clip above cheers for San Luis Obispo (Calif.) High, and was preparing to lead out the varsity football team for its game against Oxnard (Calif.) High on Friday. Unfortunately, she somehow never seemed to get the signal that they were coming directly behind her when the Tigers tore through their traditional paper banner.

That's when things got worse, with one flag-carrying lineman -- who also happened to get caught up in carrying some unanticipated paper banner over his helmet -- ran smack dab into his school's cheerleader from behind. Needless to say, the aforementioned lineman was hurtling forward at full speed, and the impact he made with the cheerleader in question was positively flattening.

Still, according to her local news affiliate and BallHyped, the cheerleader quickly got up from the hit and cheered throughout her team's 28-7 victory against Oxnard.

Considering the fact that San Luis Obispo has surprisingly held on to an undefeated record through three games, she'll probably have plenty more to cheer about in the coming months. Hopefully she can avoid future incidents involving paper banners and onrushing excitable linemen.

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