Video: Champions Tour helps you pick a winner for the NCAA tourney

Devil Ball Golf

Need a little assistance with your NCAA tournament bracket? We're pretty sure you do. Instead of flipping a coin or throwing darts at a dart board this year to pick the winner, why don't you let the Champions Tour help you out.

The senior dudes are in Newport Beach, Calif., for the Toshiba Classic, and with the tournament being played the same week as the opening round of the NCAA tournament, officials decided to let four players (Fuzzy Zoeller, John Jacobs, Andy Bean and Craig Stadler) hit shots from the roof of a building to a green down below that had the names of each school in the field.

Wherever the ball landed ended up being their pick to win the NCAA championship. So who did they pick? Florida State (Zoeller), Ohio State (Jacobs), St. Mary's (Stadler) and Florida (Bean). It might be time to head on down to Vegas to put a couple of bucks on all four teams to win.

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