President Obama played golf for five hours ... and didn't finish

Slow-playing golfers, you have your patron saint.

President Obama wrapped up his holiday vacation on Sunday with a round of golf. Check that: he started playing a round of golf. From man-about-D.C. Jake Tapper at ABC News:

[...] the president played another round of golf at Luana Hills country club in Kailua. His golfing companions were friends from Hawaii and Chicago, Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Marty Nesbitt.

The president did not get in 18 holes today, due to darkness setting in at sunset, although the group played for over five hours.

Five hours? FIVE HOURS? Come on, Brack-O! Ben Crane looks at you and requests that you pick up the pace! (Aside: You think the foursome behind the president kept getting more and more fed up with the slow play, and one of them, after too many on-course beers, put a drive into the middle of their foursome? After which, surely, the Secret Service put a double-tap into the middle of his chest. This probably didn't happen, but it could have.)

Anyway, I know that the political types will chew this one to gruel to make whatever point they can, either pro or con. (Political types make bandwagon Yankees/Pats/Heat fans and Favre apologists look rational.) Still, the bottom line is this: see ball, hit ball, get off the course, Mr. President. You will have the thanks of a grateful nation if you do.

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