Phil Mickelson's caddie takes up a different type of assistant job

Not a lot of guys that make a cool six figures every year would volunteer to be a photography assistant at a football game, but Jim "Bones" Mackay isn't your typical rich guy.

Phil Mickelson's caddie for over 15 years, Mackay pulled the anti-Steve Williams by actually helping someone with a camera on Monday in Glendale, Ariz. The reasoning? He was helping Sports Illustrated's Robert Beck, who has become one of Bones' buddies over the years, man the sidelines as Auburn took down Oregon, and even cooler, he got to finally wear a bib during one of his jobs!

It does say a lot about the fame that Mackay has landed over the years being alongside Mickelson that anyone would even notice him on the sidelines during a game with so many stars roaming the field, and it also says a lot about who the guy is as a person.

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He didn't have to go down there and help out, but it was a good game and he seems like a solid character and it turned out to be a cool story.

Maybe the best quote, via the Associated Press, comes when he was asked about the job he did while helping out.

He said he was "really bad" at his new gig in the first half before finding a groove. When asked what changed, he responded: "I learned to take the lens cap off."

Mackay goes back to his regularly scheduled job with Mickelson next week at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, an event that will feature all four major winners from 2010.

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