John Daly tells The Golf Channel he is 'done' with golf

There isn't a single moment in the life of John Daly that has been normal. From his Big Red sponsorship to his "All My Ex's Wear Rolex's" ditty, Daly has been different, and news coming out of Torrey Pines is no different.

Following his Friday 71, Daly told The Golf Channel, "I'm done. I'm done." Asked, "Done with what?" Daly answered, "Golf. I can't compete. I can't play like I used to. I can't keep taking spots from guys out here playing this bad. It's not worth it."

Asked, "So, is this it?" Daly answered, "Pretty much."

Now, the hanging question is obvious … is this a ploy by The Golf Channel to get people interested in their upcoming television show featuring Daly, the main reason they had a camera around in the first place to catch his quotes, or is this for real, and is Daly sick of playing bad golf?

He is 0-for-2 in cuts made this season, and in 2009 made only three of six cuts, never finishing in the top-25. The year before that, John made just five of 17 cuts, and hasn't won on the PGA Tour since 2004.

The truth is, golfers say a lot of crazy stuff after a bad round. If I had a dollar for every time I told myself I was never picking up my sticks again after going out and firing some nasty number, I'd be vacationing somewhere far from a John Daly interview. His opening 79 was bad, but a 71 on the North Course in perfect conditions can't be that exciting either (to compare, 62 was the low score on that course in the second round).

Daly is 43 years old and has struggled with his game for years.If he really quits, it wouldn't be all that surprising. What better way for Daly to leave this game than on his own terms, in a crazy manner, months before the British Open is held at the venue that he once held the Claret Jug?

It might be all talk, but Daly has spoken, and the words ring on – "I'm done," said Big John, and that is all we know for now.


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