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I joked about LeBron James' "Waterplate scandal" earlier Friday — completely unaware that we were working with a full tray of Gatorade cups, by the way — but here's video of the wet-and-wild temper tantrum he threw at the end of the first quarter in the Cavaliers' win over the Timberwolves on Wednesday.

Ah, see, now it's easier to understand why Stu Jackson, the league's executive vice president of basketball operations, slapped LeBron with a $25,000 fine. LeBron launched those cups right into the faces of unsuspecting patrons! Heck, they probably got wet! With water! Cold, refreshing water!

I'm being facetious. As Brian Windhorst of The Plain Dealer correctly point outs, sending anything into the stands is against the rules, so really LeBron is lucky the refs didn't see him play angry Flippy Cup.

(Quick note: From the camera angle above, it's difficult to tell whether LeBron slapped the tray of Gatorade cups with his hand, or, as Windhorst and the Associated Press put it: kicked the water bottle/cooler with his foot, which then sent the tray of Gatorade cups flying. I think it was the latter.)

Regardless, had the refs seen it, LeBron likely would have been ejected from the game immediately.

Good catch by NBA officials.

via The Baseline

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