Jason Dufner picks up his second win in less than a month at the Byron Nelson

IRVING, Texas — For pretty much every guy on the PGA Tour not named Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, winning twice in the same calendar year is considered a major accomplishment.

But if you're Jason Dufner, that's just a typical month. After picking up his first PGA Tour win in a playoff two weeks prior in New Orleans at the Zurich Classic, he waggled his way to his second win on Sunday at the HP Byron Nelson Championship, rolling in a 25-footer on the final hole to win by one over Dicky Pride.

If winning twice in the same month wasn't good enough, Dufner had another life-changing event along the way: He got married.

Two wins and a wedding? It's safe to say nobody on the planet has had a better three-week stretch than the guy from Auburn, Ala. And based on the direction his game is trending at the moment, it looks like things could only get better.

After his colossal collapse at the 2011 PGA Championship, many wondered if he'd ever rebound from a tournament that, for all intents and purposes, was his until the 69th hole. Nobody would have blamed Dufner for being gun shy the next time he found himself in contention, but less than 10 months after the defeat, he was right back in contention at the Masters.

The more you saw his name on the leaderboard, the more you believed it was only a matter of time before Dufner became a PGA Tour winner. What many didn't expect, however, was that we'd be talking about him as a two-time winner, a lock for the Ryder Cup and a major championship contender five months into the 2012 season.

No doubt about it, Jason Dufner is no longer an under-the-radar name. Despite the quiet demeanor, the guy has a game that's well suited for success on the PGA Tour. He never gets too high or two low, and when he does make a mistake, you never get the feeling that the wheels are going to fall off completely.

You need that kind of steely demeanor and consistency to thrive out there, and from what we've seen from him recently, he's starting to look like the complete package. Time will tell if that ends up being the case, but for the moment, we need to give the guy his due.

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