Hunting from your golf cart: fun, but not recommended

So if you're carrying a shotgun in your golf cart, does that count as one of your clubs?

The Golf Blogger brings us a quick snippet of a story from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources involving deer, guns and golf. Seems hunting season is big news up Michigan way, and one particular fellow couldn't be bothered to separate golf from gunfire.

The DNR busted the guy, who was a maintenance worker at a golf course, for firing at deer while on the course. The name of the course was not disclosed, for obvious reasons; business would drop dramatically if you were worried about getting blasted by some trigger-happy worker while you were searching for that wicked slice.

So, yes, using live ammunition to turn a golf course into a free-fire zone is really not a wise idea. On the plus side, that'd do plenty to solve the problem of slow golfers. Just give anybody who goes four hours-plus a pair of antlers at the turn.

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