Don’t look, but Tiger Woods is in the hunt

He's probably just toying with us like he has the past year or so, but for the first time in what seems like forever, Tiger Woods is actually in the hunt at a big event, and it has made Bay Hill as important an event as what's going on in college basketball.

Sure, March Madness is the talk of the day (Go 'Cats!), but in terms of sports significance, Tiger posting a 4-under 68 on Friday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational ranks higher than anything else

Yes, we can chat about the young guys that have come on the scene the last couple of years, and sure, it's easy to focus on the Europeans as they continue to dominate the golf world, but when it comes to ratings, and interest, and all that jazz, the ticket is Tiger and only Tiger.

On Friday something clicked. He hit nearly half his fairways after missing every single one on his front nine in the first round. He needed just 26 putts, six less than Thursday. He is positioning himself around a golf course that he has won at multiple times in the past, and is very much in the hunt.

In the past, when Tiger got to this position we all just assumed what would happen and checked the scoreboard on Sunday night to see just how many Woods won by. That isn't nearly the case now. These days, it's interesting. For as well as Tiger played on Friday, he could go out on Saturday and look like a lost man on the links, or he could string together another solid round like he did at the Chevron at the end of 2010 and find himself in the final group come Sunday. His roller coaster ride is our entertainment, and basically now, the Tiger show could go either way. Just know this ... I'll be watching, and entertained for every minute.