Red-Light District: Grab Kurtis Foster

A quick hello to the peeps out there, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I haven't forgotten about you; most of my week has been dedicated to working on the 2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Magazine. That's how we operate here, always a season ahead. While you were finishing your pumpkin pie Thursday night, I was projecting Alcides Escobar and Kyle Lohse.

We've had some good luck with deep-league hockey recommendations in this space (Matt Carle(notes), Nicklas Bergfors), and while I have your attention let's take another shot. Go get Kurtis Foster(notes), defenseman, Tampa Bay Lightning. Hurry. Now. Elbow someone if you have to.

Foster is a tall defenseman with a big shot and he's shown to be a capable power-play asset over the years. Tampa has recently given Foster some run with the man advantage and he's coming through, picking up four points (2-2-4) over the last four games (Friday's is still in progress), with three of the points coming on the power play. Foster doesn't register on the Yahoo! roster count right now, that's how ignored he's been to this point. Time to change that, amigos.

The Lightning aren't going to mess up a good thing, they'll keep running Foster out there on the PP, letting him fire the puck. He's on both of my Yahoo! clubs. Come ride shotgun, pick up some points with us.

The comment lines are open, let's discuss life on the blue line. What's on your plate, puckheads?

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