More Buchholz Boogie: Wakefield hurt, Clay comes back

Looks like it's time for Clay Buchholz 2, Electric Boogaloo. The Red Sox put Tim Wakefield(notes) (back) on the disabled list Tuesday, which sets up Buccholz to rejoin the big club and start Wednesday in Texas.

This is no time for us to do a long rehash what you already know about Buchholz. He's toyed with the International League all year and only Boston's ridiculous rotation depth has kept him down this long. He was impressive in Friday's win at Toronto. He's capable of being a difference maker in mixed leagues. Stop reading this piece and go check your waiver wire now, Buchholz was mass-dropped in Yahoo! nation over the weekend (regretfully, I added one to the count yesterday).

Wakefield is expected back on Aug. 2, which means Buchholz is essentially getting two more starts to show he belongs; next week's turn figures to be a home date against Oakland. A lot could happen between now and Wakefield's return, of course; the trade deadline falls at the end of July, and Boston has some veterans who are struggling (John Smoltz(notes) and Brad Penny(notes)). Buckle up, it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks.