Arian Foster: ‘All signs point to me playing on Sunday’

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Things are definitely looking up, Arian Foster owners.

On Thursday, Foster offered these comments to Yahoo! Sports Radio's Craig Sheman:

"The hamstring is coming along. It feels really good, and all signs point to me playing on Sunday."

Not some signs, gamers, but all signs.

Listen to Foster's comments right here.

Of course you won't know for sure that it's him until John Clayton has a chance to review the clip in his acoustics lab. Still, this seems like good news. Foster thinks he'll get the green light for the opener against Indianapolis. You might recall that he performed decently against the Colts in Week 1 last season (231 yards, 3 TDs).

Ben Tate and Derrick Ward remain Plans B and C, but it sounds like Plan A is OK. Foster has been running in recent days, so it never seemed like his return was far off — certainly not 3-4 weeks away. The threat level has officially been reduced. Keep checking practice reports, but this recovery seems to be going well.

Photo via US Presswire

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