Some Dodgers' fans in LA area finally get to watch team on WGN broadcast

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Hundreds of thousands of Dodgers fans in and around Los Angeles have been shut out from watching the majority of  their games after the team-owned SportsNet LA began airing spring training and regular season games in February. Time Warner Cable, which agreed to an $8.35-billion, 25-year deal to run the network, has been unable to reach agreements with many of the other cable and satellite companies over the past six months, which has kept the network out of a larger percentage of homes.

With no firm resolution in sight, mostly due to Time Warner's large asking fees, it has become a very frustrating situation for the fans who are missing out on the Dodgers' excellent season, and an equally messy situation for the franchise and Time Warner. However, there was a slight reprieve for some of those annoyed fans on Friday night as the game was available and viewable in some areas on Superstation WGN.

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The only real downside for those who could watch is that is wasn't Vin Scully's home call they were listening to, but rather the Cubs TV broadcast featuring Len Kasper and Jim DeSeshaies. Don't get us wrong, the Cubs crew is fantastic, but Vin Scully is Vin Scully, especially to those who bleed Dodgers' blue.

But, hey, Dodgers baseball! 

When you're going through what Dodgers fans are experiencing, you'll take a game any way you can get one. It's just unfortunate it's come to this, where they're sitting with fingers crossed that the game won't disappear from the screen at a moments notice.

Unfortunately, for many thousands of others, that's exactly what happened just as the game was about to begin.

Obviously, WGN was blacked out for Time Warner Cable subscribers. It's not clear if the other blackouts were company specific or based on where viewers lived.

For those lucky enough to watch the game, they've been to see just about all of the action. We say just about all, because apparently there have been a few glitches. 

That's a problem, but it's better than a blank screen. Speaking of which, WGN will also be carrying Sunday afternoon's game in the series, so those same Dodgers fans should have another chance to see their team then.

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