Billy Donovan doesn’t talk about trade rumors with Zach LaVine

Trade rumors have surrounded the Chicago Bulls all season long, as they have multiple players on the roster who could be prime candidates to be moved ahead of the deadline. And while guys like DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso, and Andre Drummond could be thrown into rumors, Zach LaVine has been at the forefront of most discussions.

The Bulls have reportedly been focused on finding a deal for LaVine for most of the season, but other teams’ interest levels have varied. The Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Detroit Pistons, among other teams, have been mentioned, but not all of them are necessarily still interested. (H/t Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times)

But while rumors continue to swirl, the Bulls aren’t paying attention to them. Head coach Billy Donovan said that he doesn’t ever talk with LaVine about rumors.

‘‘I haven’t talked to him about anything with the rumor piece of it,’’ Donovan said. ‘‘I would just guess that with him being in the league for 10 years that these things would kind of happen. My talks with him have been more centered around his frustration with being out.’’

LaVine is dealing with an ankle injury at the moment that could keep him sidelined past the deadline date. This new injury comes not long after he missed over a month with a foot issue.

Donovan noted that LaVine has expressed frustration with his injury luck this year.

‘‘I don’t want to use the word ‘venting’ because that would be too strong, but just the disappointment of, ‘Man, I can’t catch a break,’ ’’ Donovan said. ‘‘He just wants to be out there. He’s probably missed half the year or close to it. I think it comes from a good place, my talks [with him].’’

LaVine just wants to be back on the court, but by the time the deadline comes around, it could be in a different team’s jersey.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire