Bengals rank top 10 in key roster continuity stat

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted 10 players in this year’s draft and added another 14 undrafted free agents.

And yet, actual roster spots available remain very limited.

Other than obvious turnover at positions like tight end, wideout and running back, the Bengals will carry much of the same established core into the 2024 season.

In fact, as detailed by Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cap, the Bengals rank in the top 10 of teams with a high percentage of returning players from the 2023 roster.

Funnily enough, it might not feel that way for fans after watching the likes of Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Jonah Williams and DJ Reader leave. This has been one of the more important transitional periods of the Zac Taylor era so far.

And yet, ranking in the top 10 here while continuing to project as a contender speaks to the strength of the core roster — built around Joe Burrow, of course.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire