Bemidji Just For Kix dancers shine at National Together We Dance Competition

May 7—ROCHESTER — The Bemidji Just For Kix Dancers showcased their talent and dedication at the National Together We Dance (TWD) Competition in Rochester from April 24-28.

This event brought together dance teams from across the region, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa, to compete in various categories.

The Just For Kix Dancers, comprising an impressive number of teams, captivated the audience with their breathtaking performances in categories such as kick, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, pom, senior showcase, solo, duets and small groups. Over five exhilarating days, the event witnessed an outstanding turnout of participants.

There were a total of 706 solos, duets, small groups and 1364 teams competing, and 7032 total TWD competitors.

The Bemidji Just for Kix teams competed in the regular Together We Dance competitions in the areas of hip-hop, jazz and kick. They also competed in the Senior Kick Showcase which had a total of 64 teams.

"The National Together We Dance Competition was mind-blowing," said Amy DeLap of Bemidji Just For Kix in a release. "We were privileged to witness an array of incredible teams and exceptional talent showcased throughout the event. Our dancers exhibited outstanding skill and dedication, and we are immensely proud to bring home four awards, representing our town with utmost pride.

"In the regular TWD divisions, we earned fourth place in hip-hop, fifth place in elite jazz, and first place in the Junior Kix division. This is the first year that our team made it to the finals in the AA Kick Showcase. We ended up bringing home a third-place finish against 18 teams. It was quite an exciting accomplishment."

As the Bemidji Just For Kix Dancers continue to evolve and grow as a team, they are gearing up for their highly anticipated Just For Kix Spring Show Dance. This event, set to take place on May 11th with shows at 1 and 3:30 p.m., will be held at BSU inside John Glas Fieldhouse, and admission fees will apply.

"We invite everyone to join us at our Just For Kix Spring Dance Show to witness our dancers' remarkable talent and dedication," DeLap said. "It's a celebration of hard work, passion and the joy of dance that we are excited to share with our community."