Behind scenes in Cleveland: Jarvis Landry vs. outside noise and his stat expectations

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BEREA, Ohio — Nine-plus touchdowns.

A hundred catches.

Twelve hundred yards.

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This time last year, Jarvis Landry was envisioning the type of benchmarks he would set in the months to come. But now, things have changed. Perhaps for the better.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver acknowledges being driven by the lofty expectations he holds for himself. But entering 2019, his focus has shifted.

“I’ve always been a goal-setter — team goal and individual goal,” Landry told Yahoo Sports. “And this year, I think for me it’s take a step back from that a little bit and not really put any expectations on myself but put everything I have into the team — and that’s win a championship. I think that’s something I learned last year. It was more than stats, it was about winning. It was about creating a culture. Changing the culture. Leaders leading. And I think the team that we have, with the added talent that we brought here, if we can all buy into that — into team instead of individual — we’ll be real successful.”

Jarvis Landry's first season in Cleveland last year produced 976 receiving yards, 81 catches and four touchdowns. (AP)
Jarvis Landry's first season in Cleveland last year produced 976 receiving yards, 81 catches and four touchdowns. (AP)

His shift in perspective comes at a necessary time for the Browns, who followed up an impressive 2018 season and rookie campaign from quarterback Baker Mayfield with an aggressive offseason. And their most jaw-dropping acquisition was Landry’s best friend — New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr.

“It means everything,” Landry said of teaming up with his former LSU teammate.

So who’s the Browns’ No. 1 receiver?

“We all are,” Landry said, smiling. “I understand that it’s going to be certain games where I won’t get eight targets. I’ll get five. But I’ve got to make the best of my five. And vice versa.”

Landry, who had 81 receptions for 976 yards and four touchdowns last season, wants “to be held in elite company. But also, that comes with winning.”

But is he really prepared to sacrifice individual stats for team success?

“Absolutely,” Landry said, before playfully interjecting: “But mind you, I’m all about winning. But at the same time, if there’s ways I can help the team and be involved, I want to. I don’t want to just take the backseat to play the backseat. Whenever I can go, lemme go.”

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