Bayern and Wolfsburg practise penalties for women's German Cup final

Bayern Munich coach Alexander Straus celebrates after the German Women's Bundesliga soccer match between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich at Ulrich-Haberland-Stadion. Marius Becker/dpa

Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg players have been busy practising penalties in case Thursday's German women's Cup final between the arch-rivals goes to a shoot-out.

The two sides have dominated German women's football in recent years, with Bayern winning the last two Bundesliga titles and the Wolves having triumphed in the Cup for the past nine seasons.

Bayern coach Alexander Straus and Wolfsburg assistant coach Sabrina Eckhoff, standing in for flu victim Tommy Stroot, revealed at a joint press conference on Wednesday that the takers for a possible shoot-out had already been decided.

Bayern can clinch a double for the first time in their history, while record cup winners VfL Wolfsburg are eyeing their 50th consecutive victory in the cup competition.

The game in Cologne is sold out with just over 44,000 spectators.

Bayern beat Wolfsburg 4-0 away in their last league meeting in March and Wolfsburg defender Marina Hegering said: "We don't want to concede four goals, preferably we'll concede none at all. We'll do everything we can to reverse that result."

But a final is no ordinary Bundesliga match, she added. "The tension, the tingling, is different."

Bayern striker Jovana Damnjanovic added: "I'm so looking forward to just having the chance to play Wolfsburg here in Cologne."