Ex-Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda drops 60 pounds in 3 months since retirement

Former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda weighed 312 pounds when he walked off the field for the final time in January.

Now, just more than three months later, the 35-year-old is 60 pounds lighter.

Yanda clocked in at 245 pounds this week after implementing a new exercise routine and diet in retirement, the same amount he weighed as a sophomore in high school. He shaved his trademark beard, too, something that really highlighted the difference.

“I actually have a chin line,” Yanda said, via ESPN. “I like to feel the wind on my chin and my face. It’s nice to have a change.”

Yanda, after an impressive career at Iowa, spent 13 seasons in the league with the Baltimore Ravens before retiring earlier this year. Almost immediately after walking away from the game, he reached out to Hawkeyes strength coach Chris Doyle to set up a new workout and diet plan.

Now, Yanda eats just 2,200 calories a day — down from 6,000 — rides 45 minutes on a stationary bike a day and goes on four mile walks with his wife and young children about five times a week, something he said he was simply in too much pain to do when he was over 300 pounds.

His diet plan isn’t set in stone, however. Once a week he cheats and eats cheeseburgers, ribs, pulled pork and more.

“When cheat day comes, just get out of my way,” Yanda said, via ESPN.

“Now, the problem is I eat too much and I’m so damn uncomfortable. My stomach is all in knots.”

The eight-time Pro Bowler doesn’t plan on shedding any more weight. He’s perfectly content at the 245-mark. He’s not sure what’s next for him career-wise, either.

He credits his post-NFL weight loss journey, though, simply to his dedication — something he channeled throughout his football career.

“There are two words: It’s the ‘want to,’” Yanda said, via ESPN. "If you want to do it, you’ll do it. It’s how bad you want to. People want to talk about it, but at the end of the day, do you really want to? That’s important.”

Ravens offensive lineman Marshall Yanda has dropped 60 pounds in the three months since he retired.
Ravens offensive lineman Marshall Yanda has dropped 60 pounds in the three months since he retired. (Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

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